Insurance for real estate investors (not properties)?

Has anyone here purchased E&O / professional liability insurance for their real estate investment business? And who is your carrier and how much do you spend per year?

NOTE: I am not interested in hearing from licensed real estate agents or brokers, just investors

Also note that I am not talking about insurance for a specific property that you own, but insurance for if you are sued for something more mundane - but that would not be covered by a typical homeowners insurance policy - like discrimination in the act of leasing a home OR something contract related

I doubt I will ever need something like that, but you never know.



We buy our commercial property in corporate entities and as such have bought "Officers and Directors", Errors and Omissions, Liability and Umbrella Liability through Marsh. We had an existing relationship with Marsh going back to 1999 for our mining business and they have continued supplying insurance for us ever since!

I have insurance for my personal interests which includes these types of coverages through Marsh but without getting the policies out I could not state the coverages or exclusions!