Insurance for property in need of repair ????

Recently I’ve been rehabbing and flipping some single family homes here in Pa.
This time I purchased a home that I’d like to market and sell to another rehabber with out doing any repairs to the property. My problem is acquiring insurance on the property. The insurance company I’ve been using refuses to insure the property unless I make a lot of the repairs. I called other Ins. companies but they won’t touch it unless it’s my primary residence or they are insuring my primary residence. I don’t want to change ins. On my primary residence. Can anyone help me ??

You need a insurance broker. They will dig, scrap, and find a company that will do it. Its too bad you couldn’t have wholesaled it to another investor. That would have elminated the insurance issue. Anyways check with American Family, Foremost, State Farm, and Progressive.


thanks for the info. gordo, thats on my list of thing to do for monday. According to my ins. agent I have about 30 days to make the repairs befor thy cancel the policy so hopfuly I’ll have fliped by then or finde another policy.