Insurance Drama

Just to let you guys know that there can be a lot of drama in real estate. It is not all just buying ugly houses and making them pretty.

Divorce makes everything messy. I was getting financing for some more houses last week when the bank asked for insurance declarations for each of my houses. I couldn’t find the declarations sheet for one of my houses. I looked up the insurance company’s and policy number from Countrywide’s webpage so that I could call and get a copy from the company. They said they had no policy with that number nor that property address. I called my insurance agent to find out what was going on. About the time I was buying that house my agent and her husband (same insurance agency) were getting a divorce and I chalked it up to everybody moving things in boxes etc. I figured she would just apply that payment to the next 12 months of insurance and we would be straight. After all accidents do happen. I asked her what happened to the check that she got from the closing to cover me for the last 12 months (that didn’t go to any insurance company). She gave me woman speak. By that I mean she said I should just be glad that the house didn’t burn down and I should buy insurance for the next 12 months. Obviously I got pretty negative pretty quickly and I think I hurt her feelings. As we went back and forth she even had the nerve to sic God on me. So I called my lawyer. I would rather give my lawyer $1500 to do what I asked him to do than to give her $1000 that she took.

She actually gave my mortgage company made up information (which made it fraud) and had I not had to produce documentation for this new loan I would have not been any wiser. Just to remind you guys that record keeping is very important. When you have 20 mortgages to pay, as many as 40 insurance policies with builders risk and home warranties it can get a little dicey. Keeping all the records is easy enough but realizing that one is missing is not as easy.

I will update after my lawyer contacts her to see where this goes from here.

Good luck!! :beer