insurance coverage on a space heater for a duplex

Anyone run into this problem where you have a space heater that is heating one unit? This is a gas space heater that heats an upper unit and it sits alone. Does anyone know of an insurance company that would cover this?


find a good broker that does some specialty type stuff.

I had a similar problem as I had some properties with wood stoves that are 70yr. old. Many insurance comapnies won’t touch those.

I think the name of one of the firms that did the actually coverage was something like McGaw, McGraw Specialty Insurance; I seem to recall they were in Phoenix. Been a few years.

I agree with finding a good agent in the area. Ask how many companies they represent and have them market your property. Unless the company asks, who has to know it’s a space heater? Or, are you trying to cover it under a property floater?

The Fire Department will definitely know that it was a space heater if it goes up in flames. Which means so will your insurance company. Result =
We no pay you!

I see this stuff all the time. Don’t try to pull a fast one unless you can afford to pay the bank when the insurance won’t pay you.

A guy I know was remodeling a house and had it gutted to the studs. He never told his insurance company that it was unoccupied. (BIG MISTAKE) It went up one night and all he got was whatever he sold the land for. The insurance company would not pay. He fought it and LOST.

Fire Departments have, or have access to investigators who would blow your mind. These guys can look at a fried bundle of wire in a house full of it and tell you exactly where that fire originated. If they know, so does your insurance company when they get the report.

I’ve seen some forensic arson investigators at work on TV and they can recreate everything easily. They check things like the amount of burn radiating from the center of the fire to determine where it started, etc. They will easily know the fire started in the location where the heater is and the location of the body of the heater will show them exactly where the fire started. Make sure you have everything on paper to be sure you have proper coverage.

I agree, if you LIE to the insurance company they can deny your claim. Depending on your coverage form (hopefully it was read thoroughly), a loss to property is covered if it results from a covered cause of loss. Fire is a cause of loss. Now, if you have an exclusion on your form or you’re getting crappy coverage then you would have to worry about your space heater causing the fire and it not being covered.

My comment was that if they don’t ask about the exposure on the property then your agent probably doesn’t need to give it up. Now, i’m also talking about apartment buildings and not personal insurance quotes as most people probably have on this forum.

When I review a property I look for at a base rate and modify for controls in place. If I knew there was a space heater, i’d contemplate the addtional ignition source with more premium.

I’m getting off line here…back to my comment. Have your agent market your coverage (standard markets and surplus). If he doesn’t get asked about the space heater, don’t worry about it!