Insurance companies

Does anyone know of good Insurance companies for investor in the East hartford, Ct area? Or does anyone have any advice on what type of insurance company to use?

I started looking at rental houses and would like to call a few insurance companies for quotes.

Thanks auggflo

If you are fortunate enough to have an REI club where you live, ask around to see who other investors use. If not, as was my case, I got the telephone book down and started calling independent insurance guys and found one who was also an REI so was able to get just what I needed at the best price.

If you can’t find insurance in Hartford, you’ve no business out in the streets unaccompanied!

:lol: LOL…just kidding there!

Hartford is the home of dozens of insurance companies…it is the insurance capital of the US and maybe the world!


Yea I am looking for the same but in the Long Island, NY Market.