Insurance companies and "Subject to's"

I did my first Subject To less than a year ago, where I took over her mortgage from Mary and then did a wrap around with trust to sell it to the new buyer Bob…

Mary, whose loan I took subject to, called today to say that her insurance company knows that she doesn’t live there anymore and wants to cancel the policy.

How do I get new insurance on the house without the mortgage company knowing that we have taken over her payments? We do not want them to invoke the Due on Sale clause.

Should the new owner have to pay for it? Should Mary ask for Tenant insurance?

It seems to me that if you are deceptive on this that fraud is being conducted.

We have nothing fraudulent. The deed was transferred to a trust created by the Seller.

if the seller has deed in a trust they created, and buyer is in the house, what role have you still in this? if you are trying to keep information from a mortgage company then there is deception going on…


If you did this properly with a land trust and didn’t play games like name yourself or a friend as trustee, you are exempt from the DOSC as long as you allowed Mary to retain at least a 10% beneficiary interest in the trust. If not, you have violated the DOSC. At the same time, Mary should have converted her homeowners insurance to landlord insurance.

In either case, I would make sure my tenant has renter’s insurance and take out landlord insurance myself, naming Mary as an additional insured.

What percentage of the trust do you, your seller and your tenant share and whom did you name as trustee?

Da Wiz

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I suggest that you post this as a new topic. Nobody is going to find you here.

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