Install appliances before I sell?

I’m just about done with my rehab and ready to put it on the market. I was planning on installing new appliances (currently there are no appliances), but I’m wondering if I should leave them out and use it as a marketing strategy…something like “pick your own appliances, up to $2000, installed before closing.”

So, do you think it will sell better (faster and/or for more money) if I already have them in, or do you like the marketing idea of letting the buyer pick them themself?

Thanks for your opinons.

I like the PYO option. People will know they are new and know they are getting what they want.

From my own experience and from what I’ve seen several experts write, people don’t want to pick their own appliances, pick their own carpet or tile or pick their own paint. They want to haul their stuff into a house, go to bed and get up in the morning and go about their normal lives.

There was an excellent thread that just covered this subject. The general consensus was yes get the appliances. If the place is low end or a rental, then used but nice appliances would be fine. For the average to nicer starter home, new appliances were recommended, and that deals could be found since you were buying a whole set of appliances at once.