Inground swimming pools

I am considering putting in a pool. I am leaning towards fiberglass because of the ease of maintenance. For all of you pool owners, can you give me some insight as to what to expect? I live in NC and can get about 8 months of use out of it. Have one quote so far at $29,000 for a 14’ x 30’ lagoon style. Comes with salt system, solar cover, fiber optic lights, upgraded filter sysyem, and robot cleaner. No heater. This price seems high, but it’s only the 1st quote. I’ve got 2 more guys coming to give me numbers.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

For a 14’ x 30’ gunite and plaster pool “Turn Key” your probable looking at $16k or so with upgraded filter and pump.

How this equates to fiberglass I don’t know?

Our pool cleaning is at a discounted rate from the company’s normal rate. It’s $140/mo for that. Our electric bill just for the pool is probaby at least $150-175/mo as well. We bought this house a few months before moving here and the only thing running was the pool pump 24/7. Our electric bills then were about $250/mo. Now we try to only run the pool pump during the day. We have a Polaris (robot cleaner as you call it) that also has a seperate pump. That uses a lot of electricity so we turn it on for a couple hours when we need to vacuum crap off the floor. I never thought a pool would be so expensive each month. It’s cool to have, but it’s a pain in the butt. I normally do everything myself, but I’m so busy buying/fixing new rental properties that we just keep having the company maintain the pool. Our pool is 16x32 concrete and came with the house. No idea how much it cost to put in. We also have the fiber optic lights. They’re awesome at night. My nights always end up well every time we go out there!

Wow, Gold River. $16k for a concrete pool sounds incredible!!! Where are you located? I believe a concrete pool is the most expensive to put in so that is awesome.

You are starting to scare me off, Justin. I do hear that fiberglass is much cheaper to maintain than concrete, so that might be the way to go.

I’ve got another guy coming to give me a price tonight. Thanks for the replies!

That is an amazing deal for a gunite and plaster pool. I would think you would be looking more like 30K for a pool that size.

We just re-plastered a pool at one of our flips, the pool is what is called a play pool 15 x 32 with a 8’ deep center section getting shallower towards each end and about 4’ deep at both ends, one end has steps and one has a flat end with a light.

It’s set up to play volley ball or play in.

It was built by Paddock Pools about 5 years ago, but our plastering contractor said the pool would run about 16k to put it in today.

It has a pool valet system with pop up’s for cleaning.

I am out here in the south west.

I just want to give you real world numbers from our experience. This isn’t “I heard it’s this or that.” This is what we’re actually paying. I don’t know if we’ll ever buy a house with a pool again. It’s pretty and will be nice for entertaining, but you never really get your moneysworth out of it. Best to go into this armed with all the info you can so you can make an informed decision.

That’s what I’m looking for…all the info that I can get. I know we won’t get our money out of the pool when we sell, but we won’t regret it if we put one in, either. Both of my kids should have been fish!!!

Thanks for the info, guys!!! I’m still on the fence.