Information on Investing in Canada

Quite frankly, I am not a real estate investor yet, although a number of my clients and friends recommend it.

However, I am a copywriter working on a brochure on investing in Canadian real estate by Canadians. I’ve found some info on the web, but would like ot more, particularly from someone who is currently investing there.

Specifically, I would like to know:

  1. What areas are consider the hot real estate investment areas?
  2. How fast are residential property prices rising?
  3. Are there any restrictions on investors pooling resources and purchasing real estate, similarly to REITs?
  4. Are there tax advantages to investing in Canadian real estate?

Thanks in advance for any info. I’ve used google to find info, but so far I can’t find answers to the above.

James Sadler

Hi James!

I’m in a similar position to you -looking for information that is Canada specific with a bit of a twist. I live in Alberta and work in the financial services field. Judging from what I can see and have been told by many clients, Fort MacMurray is hot in residential property. My clients have told me if they don’t put an offer in on the same day a property is listed, it is gone the same day. Often it is re-listed and sold again for higher profits. Now…how to find the money to take advantage of this? hmmm… that could be the subject of an entirely new thread.

Thanks, Suzy. Maybe I wasn’t clear, I’m not the investor, I’m preparing marketing materials for the investors.

The investors are Canadians in the Alberta area. Thanks for the heads-up on the hot spot. Do you know if one of your clients, preferably a realtor, would agree to be quoted on how fast properties sell?

Do you know if that is jsut the case with single family residences or also with multi-family?

Hi There Again

My clients are the homeowners. I sell them their property insurance. Typically, I don’t deal very much with the realtors; although I do have a few as clients. I found a link to a realtor and an article on the market for you. for private homes. In addition, here’s one on the rental market from Oct 2004

I’ve heard as well, that Prince Rupert B.C. might be the next hot market as it is considered the premier deepwater port for development with Asian markets.
I’m quoting Paul Martin’s address to the Chinese business community here.

For businesses in China, the closest major deep-water port and the closest major international airport in North America are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Farther north in British Columbia, Prince Rupert is another important and expanding deep-water port with increasingly strong ties to trade concerns in Asia. The facts are plain: From British Columbia, Canada is the ideal gateway from China to North America, and from North America to China.

Our remarkable increase in two-way trade has resulted in the emergence of temporary capacity issues. But make no mistake: These are being addressed. For instance, the premier of British Columbia is committed to decisively establishing the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert as North America’s Opportunity Gateway – a nexus of trans-Pacific trade. It’s common sense from a geographic perspective. And through measures such as increasing rail capacity across Western Canada, we’re going to make certain that it’s common sense from an overall business perspective.

This is in addition to the development of Prince Rupert as a container shipping facility. You may want to check out the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s website on that.

Hope this is helpful.