Information Investors Need on a Property

Does anyone have a form they use to keep track of their individual investor requirements/specs on what info they need if you have a property of protential interest to them? If not, can I get some ideas of what kind of things are a must from investors that they would need from a birddog, before they decide they want to evaluate the property further.


you really will have a thousand different answers from a thousand different investors, ask the ones that you are working with what they are looking for and go from there!

Howdy Sam:

Only 3 questions need answering at first:

What is it worth fixed up and how much can I get it for and what will it cost to fix. Nothing else matters if it is a retail deal and I want to wholesale it. That would be like Albertsons going to the 7-11 to get stock to put on their shelves.

Like the previous post too you need to find out what your buyers are looking for.