Infomercial stuff (Sheets, etc) question.

1st I apologize if this has been brought up/posted before. I just found this lil web site, so I’m new here.

Anyone have any experience with these programs?

Are they worth the money to someone who knows very little about real estate?

Do they actually work? lol

I’ve seen Mr. Sheets program…it looks to be pretty thorough…did he leave anything out/miss anything?

Would anyone add to his program? if so, what would you add?

I’m considering a full time career as a real estate investor and am seeking any and all information on the subject. I do own one rental property in Dallas, but I live in Utah. I’m looking at buying only single family homes right now, mainly in the DFW area and here in Utah valley and maybe Salt Lake valley. I have a property management group taking care of my house in Dallas, and they send me a check every month for the rent. I’m looking to acquire at least 10-15 more SFH’s in the Dallas area. I’ll be checking back with this board often for more info and ideas!



I purchased the Sheets program a few years ago. It’s good. Alot of information. We did one deal using one of his techniques. That was all.
Later I found a ebook written by another successful investor whose technique, to me was easier to understand and put into practice. We’re working on some, no money down, deals as we speak. So fay I’m very pleased with this method.

cool, sooo do tell…whats the name of the ebook/author/where can i find it?



I hope I allowed to do this. I’m not that familiar with chat room rules. But anyway his name is Joe Crump and the ebook is “How to Buy Realestate with no money bad credit and no job”. I don’t mean to take anything away from Sheets, it’s still a great course. I got some great ideas from it. But Crumps course was much simpler for me and focuses more on what I want to accomplish right now!!!

If you really want to get your hands on Sheet’s stuff. He’s doing a 30day trial for $11. I just received it myself. It seems pretty thorough on his method of doing a deal. But as you’ll see on this board…there is more than one way to skin a cat. I’m just going to learn as much as I can in the next 30 days and return the stuff.

FYI…I got it during one of his recent infomercials.

:deal Often times people tend to think that “legal” and “moral” are equivalent when they are, in fact, two different things.

The plan to purchase a program for $11 and then return it, even if you are satisfied with it, might be legal but is far from moral. The intent of the rule is that you can return it if you are unsatisfied with the product or it is faulty in some manner. You are making plans to return the product before you even see it, in an effort to save $11 while still getting full benefit of the program.

If you can’t handle an $11 transaction morally, you probably can’t handle an $11,000 transaction morally. The logic goes: if you are dishonest with a little, you will be dishonest with a lot. The way you handle money privately will transfer to how you handle it publicly, and vice versa. Dealing morally or immorally can determine whether you will be happy when you attain wealth, or whether you attain wealth at all…

Hi Machine,

Thought I’d add my .02 and tell you that Sheets’ info was worth the $300.00 I paid for it. I purchased it last summer on a whim and stuck it on the shelf for a while. My roommate was interested in the idea also so she and I and my realtor made a weekly 2 hour class out of his info. It gave each of us the accoutability we needed to finish it.

I found that it has some really good general information but doesn’t go into a lot of the specifics of “how to”. Mostly it helped me change my thinking of ways to finance properties other than the traditional 30 year mortgage at the bank method.

The end result?: My roommate purchased her first home which she thought would take her 5 years to save for. I now have a realtor who thinks like I do and knows what I’m looking for. I purchased my first property using some of his ideas. I paid $88K, repainted the exterior, added a beautiful front door and reshingled the roof. It appraised for $127 so I pulled out my equity with a 2nd mortgage to pay myself back and now have tenants with a lease option who take care of it for me. I’ve also purchased 4 additional SFH’s since then. I think I got my $300.00 worth! Besides it’s tax deductible!!

I have to admit I have a bias since his is the only one I’ve purchased so far. There may be others out there that are easier, simpler, etc. The bottom line is it’s a steep learning curve and you just have to be willing to put in the effort, learn as much as you can as fast as you can and have the diligence and patience to evaluate a lot of properteis to find the good deals! :banana

Good Luck…Kathy

hi have you bought any add on products? if so how much$ were they & were they worth the $$ interested in joe crumps system thanks

The Sheets are good tool to gaining techneques for certain markets but the don’t apply to all.