Info on occupancy rates

Does anyone know how I could get my hands on occupancy data? Is there a government agency that reports this type of info and publishes on the web? Also, rent going up or down?


Property management companies should have access to this info. They usually have quarterly reports - occupancy rates, rental rates, absorption etc…

I’d be interested in what gets dug up on this thread—if you give merit to the Fed Chairman and his latest monetary policy rap to Congress, by and large, rents are increasing (thanks to inflation, which he thinks we have a handle on).


Scott Miller

Richard Ellis has the most complete information but you generally need a subscription to view the data. Usually any commercial appraisal done will reference the data.

I don’t believe there has been any complete studies or reports out yet for 2007. In 2006 occupancy rates we’re higher and net square footage leasing we’re at historic highs. The commercial market seems to be on the same track however its important that you look at your own geographic area very closely.

Spoke to soon, here is all the information you requested-

A few resources:
Marcus & Millichap
Cushman Wakefield
Wharton Business School - Real Estate Program
NAR - national association of realtors - commercial division
Census - tracks data by zip code - look for housing units by owner/vacant units
Also, check local city demographics and visitors bureau’s.

Google searches will yield their websites.

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