Info needed on investor friendly lenders.


As a result of the recent mortgage meltdown, many of my prior hard money and conventional lender contacts have moved on to bigger and better things, leaving me with a smaller pool of loan officers to refer out to potential buyers.

I am consistently getting requests for info on lenders that are experienced with working with investors of various credit scores and income levels in todays market. Please send me some info on the products that you have available plus you contact info. a

For conventional lenders please let me know what you can do for home buyers with scores at 640 and below (down payment, LTV, etc). Also would like to know the best terms investors can get with scores in the 640 - 700 range and what the investor needs to look like financially.

If you can do anything with conventional buyers that have had a bankruptcy discharged more than 12 months ago (I have a buyer with a BK discharged in March 2007)

If you have access to any DPA programs for homebuyers please also let me know.

For non conventional lenders, I need to know in general the terms you have for hard money, private lending and day of closing funds (where seasoning of funds isn’t an issue). Credit score, LTV, down payment, points, rates, etc

Please just send me an email or pm