info from those Florida investors

i’d like some feedback for those investing in florida.

what areas have the biggest discounted properties? and in these areas, on average, what percentage discount are we looking at?


I am a full time Florida investor and I am not clear on your question. Do you want to know what areas have had the largest decline in prices? Do you want to know what percentage the banks will take on a short sale or REO?

As to what percentage are we looking for? Based against what. I am always looking for the lowest price I can get, within reason.

Deals are everywhere and are usually the result of someone elses problems and your ability to show them that you can solve their problem.

Get me a little clearer on your question and I will try to give you a more succinct answer.

guessed i missed the reply to this thread.


basically i was looking for cities which are seeing the biggest decline in prices (ie/ properties that are selling for 60% of FMV or whatever it might be)


Southeast Florida is getting pounded. Specifically, Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties.