could be worse.

Wow, where is this country going???

I would like to take a moment of my busy life and thank all the deadbeats and walmart for keeping inflation under control.

Don’t believe me? Go to a place like Aspen, CO or White Plains, NY. A place where the above just doesn’t exist. And try to buy a beer (my inflation scale) for less than 8 bucks.

We just came back from one week in the San Jose/ Silicon Valley, etc. in California, a family wedding. Incredibly expensive. Porsches parked on the street outside the Gucci store. Way too rich for my blood. Stores and restaurants were full of glossy well-groomed patrons spending money.

What are those Gucci shopping people going to do if they have to go to WalMart?

One relative bought his home for $700,000+ but got huge discount due to the rotten market in El Dorado Hills.
The Stockton newspaper had 6 pages of small-print foreclosure notices.