Inexpensive Mentorship

Could anybody reccomend if Peter Conti’s Protege course worthy of inexpensive mentorship?
Are there any comparable systems like Wendy Patton’s,
Dave Lindhal, or Jeff Kaller’s ?
I’m thinking that pre-foreclosures nor apartment buildings wouldn’t generate the immedatied cashflow vs. purchase options to build the business.
I have a $8,000.00 budget.
Should I create a legal entity before I even start ?
I have joined a local real estate investment club in Connecticut so I believe I’m off on the right track I hope.
I just don’t want to get burned.

any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello and welcome Quick Understander,
You’ll find a ton of great resources on this board. I’d recommend starting with the Free Ebooks and RE articles to find an investment style you’re comfortable with before taking the plunge.
You can start an LLC for about $300 online. Asset protection is something I certainly stress, but don’t let the minutiae of this business decrease momentum. Talking to sellers and making offers comes first.

Dear Dave,

Thanks for the wisdom and information.


Hmmmmm, registered today. Now you wouldn’t be trying to sell something, would you Eric? :wink:

Including your integrity??

Please read your PMs.


there are so many different mentorship programs to choose from.
a lot of them are good, however i feel a lot of them are overpriced.
Most of them entail having the guru’s staff giving you advice. A lot
of them don’t have any experience other than hard-pressure sales
and a script.

Others have licensed their name to someone else to provide the
mentoring to you. The guru just does the sales pitch in return for
50% of the profits.

i would stay away from expensive mentoring. $3-4k is enough to
make 40-50k if you invest in the right area, which a lot of people
on this board can help you with. I’m currently investing in a few areas
with 100% financing. I do lease-options which fully cover my mortgage
and the properties are appreciating pretty well too. And this place
is about 975 miles from where I live. Buy me lunch and i’ll tell you
my secrets :wink:

Thanks for the response,

Are you saying 3,000 - 4,000 can establish everything form entity formation, marketing, etc. I have some training materials from a wholesaler to minimize my costs from Wendy Patton, Peter Conti
and John “Cash” Locke to name a few… I have read and studied for awhile now. I’ll buy you lunch if you live near the northeast (Connecticut /New York area).

I’m sure it would be benefit both,
Thanks for the time

sadly i live in San Diego. so i guess i’ll have to miss out on your lunch

but here’s some advice anyway. go to your local library/borders/barnes
and nobles, and read 20 books on RE. [i’ve read a hundred.]

2ndly, goto and pick up ron legrands stuff for pennis on the
dollar. conti might be selling stuff too, i don’t know, but conti does have
a $25 book with his philosophy[sandwich leases]. legrand will explain
it to you in his lease-options course.

for under 1k, you’ll have all the info you need.