I am currently doing a rehab on a property that needs new cabinets. I was hoping that I could paint them but at this point I have no choice, they are missing doors and the hinges are stripped on some of the doors.

Looking for a somewhat inexpensive solution. I asked Lowes and they said around 2k I thought that I would be able to do it for less. This is a pretty small kitchen also. The ARV of this home should be about 170k. Thanks

It all depends on the quality of cabinets you purchase. You can re-do a small kitchen for around $1K if you get the less expensive type. Call around. Check Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, etc. Good luck!!!

If you’ve got an IKEA near you try that as well. Also, try to get off the main streets where Home Depot, Menards, etc are. That real estate’s expensive and someone’s got to pay for it (pricy kitchen cabinets are an excellent way to do it). Check out some of the smaller guys, lumber yards, etc. that may not be the easiest to find, but I’ll gladly drive 5 miles out of my way to save some $$$.


I buy from the factory. The manufacturing plant for Republic Cabinets is across the border in Texas. They have 7 factory outlets.


Dallas area - look at seconds and surplus.

Another interesting option that may or may not be realistic is to find homes that are being torn down and replaced with million dollar houses. Many times there are companies that contract with the builder to sell everything that’s in and around the house. Doors, floors, windows, cabinets, vanities. One here in Chicago is (I’m not affiliated in any way). I was at one of these demo sales in December where an entire set of kitchen cabinets was sold for $500 and 500 square feet of quality 7/8" oak flooring went for .50c/ft. The house was built in 1943 and this was quality flooring. You do all the labor yourself as far as removing it, but at that price and it was in great shape.


barnett is another good one. (need to have a business EIN number though)

Did the complete kitchen in our home 2 years ago when we had water damage in kitchen and utility room.

Galley kitchen, new cabinets top and bottom, new countertops, new rangehood, new sink and dishwasher.

Mills Pride cabinets, Oak, Sherrwood door sets, Nice Gold hardware, less than $1K… D/W $200… Sink and Faucet $150…Counter tops 9’ one side, 3’ other side… Just over $100… All from Home Depot…

Me and both sons had the cabinets put together and installed in about 6 hours… Took longer to plumb everything and cut the hole for the sink than anything else.

I guess it helps having been around construction for more than 20 years.