Anyone doing any investing in Indy? Seems to be an undervalued market, and not much appreciation there. Any investor info would be appreciated.

I was wondering the same thing. I’m from Indy and once I started educating myself about real estate, I thought my hometown might have some good deals. I know there was a huge effort a few years ago to clean up the “dirty” parts of town and beautify the city, but I’m not sure if there is as big of a push to do that now.

There are currently two real estate investment clubs meeting bi-weekly/monthly in Indy of which I am aware. I have never been to either, but have heard a lot of good things about them. One meets at the Adams Mark Airport and the other at the Primo(?) restaurant on E 56th Street - just east of old Fort Ben.

May be something worth attending to get answers - I will attempt to get their websites and post info here.

There also has been a lot of interest in central Indiana markets generated by an article printed in the Wall Street Journal several weeks ago. I work primarily with investment properties for the Tom Colvin team out of the ReMax office in Carmel and we started getting a number of calls from California regarding what is available referencing the article.

I am not sure when the article was published and don’t have a copy.

You won’t find Indy on many bubble lists.

Once you get the info, I’d love to visit their website. I’m located in Texas and don’t have the ability to get back home and visit one of their meetings.

Indianapolis Real estate investment club info:

Indy Property Investors

Contact: Randy France
Telephone: (317) 507-5205
When: 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 6:00pm
Where: Holiday Inn, Indianapolis Airport, Indianapolis

The primo restaurant meeting info is on this website

Contact Person: Regina Braun
Meeting Location: Primo Conference Hall
Meeting Address: 5649 Lee Road
City, State Zip: Indianapolis, Indiana
Meeting Time: 2nd & 4th Tuesday, 6:45 p.m.
Phone Number: 317-514-0009
Web Site:
No. Members: 400

Indiana has been amongst the leaders in foreclosures so there is a currently a lot of activity in this area.

Glenn McKinley

hi! newbie investor here, no deals yet but working on it,i guess im still in the learning process becuz i wana b
b careful. ive been to a investors meeting and a seminar that really put me on edge. im really feeling ready but just heard that its illegal to assign contracts now? is this true ? :help

The best thing you can do is hire a mentor to help you.

Hi clbatiste - looks like this question is covered to some degree here. I would always consult an RE attorney to find out for sure. What part of Indiana are you from?,50170.msg247187.html#msg247187

Hello everyone,

My name is Edgar. I’m actually an investor down here in South Florida. I have a property under contract in Indiana. I am looking to sell this property like today!

I am looking for cash buyers, wholesalers, or anyone interested in investing in a turnkey property over in Dunkirk, Indiana.

Let me know if you need any help. Also, if you know any investors that is looking within this area don’t be afraid to send them.

Anyone, other investors, in the Northwest Indiana area? Lake County?

Would love to meet up in person next Tuesday night July 10th when I am out in that area.

This sounds like a good way to network and share ideas. I wish there were something like this down in Central Indiana.

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Steve Braun
American Eagle Equity LLC

its not illeagle to assign contracts thats how you do it make up a contract use and or assign dont just put assigned contract you will get stuck on 1 all ways use and or assign then you can sell it to a buyer

I’m a virgin in the real estate market. I haven’t even began marketing yet. My biggest question is do you need to have a real estate license to whole sale properties in Indiana. I’m ready to begin my journey but I don’t wanna go to jail. Then my next question is going to be about contracts. Where can I obtain the proper contracts. Is it legal to have a sub clause in the contract that states you can back out if the property isn’t sold. Man I’m hype I’m nervous but I’m serious. I’m ready to make my dough.

There is another one that is up and coming and is really good in terms of Real Estate Investing clubs. They meet every second Tuesday of the month at “The Arch of Chatham”. More info below:

617 E North St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

You can find more info here on their website:

In need of a good investor friendly realtor does any one now of any? I’m expanding into the Indianapolis market.

Do you have buyers for IN properties? I have a 2 for 1 sale going on in Lake Station, IN

Jim Statzer with Red Bud Inn, Inc and Red Bud EX101, LLC (google the websites)
I’m active in St. Joe County for wholesale buying and selling and am a certified private money broker.
Looking for those who would invest in Michiana on both sides of the border. I can also be your eyes and legs to photo and evaluate your Michiana prospects.

Hello. My name is Michael Goodman with Respected Home Buyer. We are a local company that buys, sells, and rehabs homes in Harrisburg, PA and surrounding areas. I’m looking to connect with other investor and real estate professional in the area.
PM me for more information.