Increasing your LLC credit score

Anyone know any good ideas to increase credit score under your LLC?


Your LLC has to build credit similar to the way you build your personal credit. However, that takes a lot of time. There is a company that can assist you in building a business credit score of 75 in 3 - 9 months. A 75 business credit score is excellent!! The company’s website is They have an excellent record through the BBB. Getting a good credit rating and line of credit through your business is invaluable. You’ve got the right idea. Good luck!

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So what do you have so far on your LCC credit?

Nothing. I am just starting and trying to establish credit under my LLC.

I would start with your cell phone that way you dont have to use your personal credit.

oops . so when you get that going then go to a place like Circuit City and get credit there like get a new computer under your LLC credit.
when you make a few payments then go to Home Deport get credit there too .

I think staples is easy to get credit

i dont have a LLC, but once you get a LLC you are able to establish credit under the LLC using what information when you apply for a credit account. Why dont a LLC just apply for a secured credit card are regular credit card and start your credit rating their

Did you know that once you have an LLC…and then you get an IRS tax id #,you can go to a bank and get lines of credit ranging from $15,000-$20,000 from each bank. Yes…i said each bank but,… not every bank. Some banks want your business and well,some dont…but the ones that do are major, not small entities.

You are not limited to one bank plus ,with an LLC there are write offs that you can claim (having your own business plus the finances it takes) and of course the obvious…if someone tries to sue you,then they CANT GO AFTER YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES!

This can help when using for several things from down payments or supplies,business cards,flyers,postcards.etc…etc.

I am in the process of doing this right now so…shhh

Its a secret …dont tell anyone ;D

well you get that with a LCC but he is looking to add more on his score that does not work

That is a very interesting point. I will have to look into that. That certainly sounds easier and more cost effective than using my personal credit cards or property as line of credits.
Right now I want to completely separate my business from my personal finances.

Glad i could help…

Hows that beatle song go…“i get by with a little help from my friends”

thats what this is all about.

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