Incorporating yourself?

Hello everyone, ;D
I’m currently looking in to incorporating my company. Does anybody know of any good business’ on the internet that incorporate small business’ and that are actually legit. I currently live in the St.Louis area and was told from a friend to incorporate in Delware. If anybody has any info, please don’t be afraid to share

i’ve incorporated in NV.

i advise you to hire a good CPA and discuss your goals with him.

so you live in one state, but incorporate in another?

how the heck does that work?

it doesn’t matter where you incorporate.
if you do business in the state you live in, you must register as a foreign entity in that state[if you’ve incorporated in another state].
I don’t do business in CA so I incorporated outside of CA to save on the stupid $800/yr bogus fee.

aaahh, that’s like the bogus 500 fee in NY.

and the funny thing is, i can’t invest in NY because the prices are ridiculous and the realtors have a stranglehold on the market.

it sucks living here. anyone, in a “good” state, looking for a partner? :slight_smile:

what does your business do?

if you plan on taking your company to public offering…then use delaware. They use the chancery court to resolve corporate disputes and it dates back to 1776, so it has plenty of cases that have been interpreted. if you are not intending to go public, Delaware is not nescessary.

if your company does business in Missouri, then incorporate in Missouri.

if you plan to do business outside of Missouri, then you may consider looking to incorporate in a state that has more advantageous tax laws or protection for your privacy.

you might want to determine what type of business you are going to be engaged in and the type of entity you will be using to take advantage of the tax laws.

If your NY LLC doesn’t have any NY sourced income, then it doesn’t have to pay the fee.

If you planned on investing out of state, your NY LLC will have to register to do business in that state, in which case it would have made much more sense to simply form the LLC in that state in the first place.

I’m assuming you’re around the NYC area as I am. I’d recommend looking upstate if you want to invest somewhere kind of close but not too far. Otherwise, investing out of state is always an option.