Income to Debt Ratio

I was recently turned down for a loan because
my income to debt ratio was to high. FICO scores
are 698 and above. What loan company or hard
money investor will loan money in this situation?

Thanks for the advice.

Howdy Kathy:

As long as you have some income to pay the rent where you stay most HML’s do not even ask about ratios etc. Most want some experience in doing deals and construction if there is a major rehab involved. At 65 to 70% loan to value that is their main ratio that they are concerned with as well as the amount of cash you have to put into the deal or reserves for staying power in case the deal takes too long to do or sell or you are over budget or all of these.

Hope this helps and LOL

is this for a rehab deal?
are you buying a house it live in?
is it a multi, or investment?
all come into play when getting a loan. all treated differently.


I will be purchasing multi unit properties for
investment. I will not live on the premises.