include refrigerator, washer-dryer in house rental?

I am renting out my 4 bedroom san diego house, should I include the washer dryer and refrigerator?

the current tenants said they will leave their washer-dryer-refrigerator for $1000.

All of my rentals come with a working refridgerator. I get a large, no frills Roper for $300 brand new from Lowes (hint: Lowes gives a 10% military discount if you ask – on ANYTHING – not much but it pays the tax). If the tenants want a washer/dryer, it’s extra. I can get a washer/dryer at the rental place for $50 a month, so the tenants will pay $75 from me or $50 directly from the rental place. Make sure your lease spells out ownership, cleanliness, condition, etc.

At this rate, it would take just over 9 months to pay for the appliances…($1000 less 300 for the fridge = 700 / $75 per month extra rent)…do the math and decide what works for you…

My 2 cents…


yes, its a good idea to include them, but $1k for that set is poor deal. New, very nice refrig $400 tops at Lowes; used >5 yrs old should be $200 or so. washer/dryer almost new on the used market go for about $500 (for the pair) (e.g. 1 yr old; high end stuff). Brand new, entry grade stuff can be bought for $600/pr.

If their appliances are 2 yr old or less and mid-grade, I would offer them $600 (maybe $750 tops since it low hassle for you). Otherwise, I head to Lowes?HD this weekend as they are having 0% interest for 6/12months on $300 purchases and more if you put it on their credit card. I like to use their money for free ;D and then pay it off out of cash flow.

I only include a stove. If there is one on the property when I buy it, I have it checked out and then exclude any repairs in my lease. “It’s there for their convenience.” If it’s been stolen from my newly purchased property (the norm), I buy a new one at Lowe’s or Home Depot, $300 max (watch the sales). Then you’ve got a year warranty with it.

I may be a bit meaner than you all, I point my tenants to the local appliance rental stores should they ask if a washer/dryer or fridge comes with the property. I’m not in the appliance rental business. I even have the refrigerator (if any) left in the house hauled off – usually your contractor will take it away for free (they give them to their workers). I just don’t want the hassle. If it’s there, your tenants will expect you to take care of it for them. I don’t want to deal with it, appliance repair is expensive – even if the repair person is honest. My lease clearly spells out that I’m not responsible for any appliance repair.

So far, if it’s cost me a tenant, I don’t care – others have moved into my properties who are OK with it.


The Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy around me have great closeout deals every so ofter. You can usally get a floor model for half off. I have bought these and I was able to get free shipping. It’s almost like they are giving them to you!