Inbound call service

Any recommendations for an inbound service to take calls generated
from mailings? I am not interested in a voice-mail system - rather live operators who can engage in a conversation to elicit key information.



thanks. will check them out. is incredible for this.

I use a local service out of Muncie, IN called Communications Network. They are EXCELLENT

What are the average rates people are seeing for these things? The ones I’ve been looking into are pretty expensive for someone just starting out. Should I just stick with the voicemail route until I make a few deals and can afford the answering service or should I just suck it up and go after one of these expensive ones?

I pay $130 a month for 120 minutes of time. I go over from time to time but unless you want to be an absolute slave to your cell phone and have to answer calls at all hours of the night I suggest coughing up the money. One deal will pay for the whole year of the answering service. My service frequently gets calls in the middle of the night. Good luck.

I use Voiceplus Communications for both voicemail and live answering. They have done a great job for me. Very affordable and they are familiar with investors needs.
Good luck!