Inaccurate square footage on previous appraisal

I purchased a house about 2.5 years ago. I am in the process of selling it. In that process, it has been discovered that the square footage of the property is about 12.5 percent less than court records indicate and what the appraiser at the time calculated (both were based on an inaccurate floor plan). I bought it thinking both the county and the appraiser couldn’t be wrong.

The house is 2500 actual square feet so the difference between the actual and the county record/previous appraisal is a little over 300 square feet.

Is it still possible to file a claim against the previous appraiser’s ‘errors & omissions’ insurance? Is this hard to do/hard to win? Is it time consuming?

No attorney will take the case on contingency. You’ll have to front many thousands over the years and there’s no guarantee you will prevail.