In what order should I do this?

Hey guys,

In order to form an LLC in Indiana, it needs an address. I also need to get a box for it anyways for my mailings.

Im going to get a UPS store box since it has a real street address.

Do I sign up for the box and put XX LLC even though it doesnt exist yet, or should I get the mailbox and then change the owner, although that might be commingling.

I had another thing like this I was trying to figure out. Setting this up really can be a chicken and egg situation…

the “registered office and agent” has to be a physical address where you can be served or processed, so the PO box won’t matter. the company’s address is “optional” and has no bearing on the formation…

so, form the LLC and go get the PO box in the LLC name for your biz transactions.

You can use a UPS store for your registered agent and the mailing address for your business. The UPS store is a physical address and there is someone there that can accept legal service for you. You just need to talk with the owner to make sure he will do so. If you have a good relationship with him, he may not even charge you. That can save you $100/year. Some people use their attorney as the registered agent because he is the first person they call after they are served. Keep in mind that some states require the LLC to list the initial members’ names and addresses as well as the location where business records are kept. I don’t know if IN is such a state, but I tend to doubt it.

To answer your question specifically, get a name reservation from your Secretary of State’s Office and then open the box in the name of the LLC. Submit the EIN application to the IRS using the box address and then apply for the LLC with your state. You can also use a registration service. Just be aware the operating agreement they give won’t be that great.

FWIW, I wouldn’t worry about commingling until the LLC is up and running.