in the end

ok not sure if it matters what state but im in WI if on avg set up 25 deals for lease option a year and you take 2000 up front for option money and have a positve cash flow of 200 a month from each place of all this not including the factor and selling it and making money the appreciation of the house.
of that 110,000 that you would make because of capital gains tax how much that can you actually figure to walk away with?

Please slow down a bit. It would be a stretch for a real estate brokerage with a handful of professional agents to lease-option 25 houses per year. Please do
one transaction very carefully, learn from the inevitable
little mistakes, and then do another. Then do some more. I have successfully handled two transactions at one time, and it was exciting. I once tried to handle three transactions at one time and had to yell for help. Please do not overload yourself. Have fun with it.
Good luck,