In need of short term financing - Where do I look

I need some short term financing for a property that has a current LTV of 65% and lots of equity. Where can I find Private/Hard money for short term (6 months)


You should probably try adding more info.

purchase or refi
property type
why you need hml
how much you can put down

check out the Hard Money loan tab on the left side of the page

I am in need of $30k for a period of 3-6 months. I am willing to pay a flat $3k for the money. I am also willing to pay a $300 referral bonus.

The property was built in 2005, 7700 sqft with hardwoods throughout. This property was an REO and was purchased for 65% of current CMA value (based on homes sold within the last 6 months and on the market for less than 45 days.) Banks will not loan on the property until Aug. because prior to August they have to use the sale price rather than the property value, at that point they will loan $50k. I want to get the updates finished and the house sold in the prime spring/summer sales season. I do not need to sell at a premium price to make what I want out of it. I can sell at a bargain and still have some good profit. Property is in Northern Utah county, Utah.

I own the property but want to get it sold and cash out and go on to the next deal.