In need of Guidance....Please HELP

Just went to seminar for real estate investing and was left with alot of unanswered questions. Couldn’t afford the mentorship package but feel was given good information to somewhat get started…Where do I get started once I find potential deals of cheap properties? :help

That depends entirely on what you intend to do with these cheap properties. No surprise you didn’t get all the information. They were hoping to hook you for some more money.
Anyhow… If you’re planning on buy & hold for rentals, you need to find financing as well as people to do repairs on the property. If you’re wanting to assign contracts for a fee, you need to find potential buyers and make a list of them. What are your goals?

Welcome to REI Club! My advice is to spend a couple of hours a day reading through this site. That is your FREE education.

Then things should start to jell for you because other people have probably asked your same questions. What you will do is based on your present finances, your job, your family obligations, your credit, and most of all on your DRIVE and AMBITION.

Let us know what you figure out and we can help you with answers once you know the questions. Good luck and welcome.


Thanks for the encouragement. I would like to flip a couple of deals first to build cash to purchase other properties to hold and rent out. I guess my BIGGEST question would be how do I have buyers in place to buy properties after rehabbed or assignments of contracts. Any advice is welcome.

You can probably read up on buyer’s lists over in the Bird Dogs, Wholesaling forum. If there’s an REIA in your area, you can go there and network to find other investors in your area. Local Realtors also probably know people who own several properties there. You have to find out what people want and what price range they’re usually buying in.