In Need of Advice!

Hello REI members:

First, thanks for reading my post. I look forward to hearing what you all may think. Currently, I am embarking on a new opportunity. I have an interest in acquiring 3 SFR for the purpose of lease optioning . The scenario is as follows:

Goal: Owner Finance for a max of 10 years, Interest between 7-10%, Down Payment of $2-4K.

FMV: $75K each

ACQ, Rehab, and Closing: $45K

Does this seem appealing program?

what is the carrying cost per month? How much will the rent be?


Could you provide more information? For starters, I would definitely need to know what the monthly rent would be for each house. Also, what is your annual PITI for each of the three houses? There’s definitely not enough info here to determine whether or not this is an appealing program.