In Need of a Hard Money Lender for Baltimore MD.

I have 2 deals in Baltimore, MD. I thought I could wholesale both of them but I could only wholesale one. Now settlement is coming up in about a week and I can either keep it myself or lose the deal. I really dont want to loose the deal because that just looks bad on everyone. On the other hand I dont have the money to buy the property myself. If anyone has an idea of what I could do or knows of a hard money lender that could close within about a week your input would be greatly appreciated. :help

Have you thought a double close?do you have a end buyer lined up?are you going to flip the property are hold?

Did you work out this deal? I live in the area and might be willing to work with you. Don’t sweat settlement coming up - where there is a will there is a way. I’ve missed settlement almost every time so far and still haven’t lost a deal. Let me know.