In need of a creative aggressive lender

Hello All,

I have a investment property that I am selling and I ran across a nice couple who wants to purchase it. The problem is both are on SSI and do not have much money to put down. Also I do not know any credit scores at this time.
My question to any lender reading this, can I carry back a 20% loan and would this help their chances of getting a loan?
How do I find a lender that would like to tackle this? Let me know.


I have done a refinance for a brother and sister that were both on SSI and neither one of them were of retirement age. Most of the time they ask for a three year continuance letter. I went through Citi but we use contract underwriting. The over loked the three year continuance portion of the conditions. The contract underwriter was RMIC. Hope that helps

I Know that I have done a few loans with Low rates and they have no problem with people on SSI or retirement

Some lenders may cut the LTV but I have found that there are lenders that do not.

It is all in what your broker knows and there experience

Go with a broker that has at least 10 years experience in the business