Improving credit

Well, I need to walk this line. Any suggestions? I do not have any open credit cards. They are all in collections, and I am paying them off monthly - I pay 1 collection off in full each 4-6 weeks.

There are some great concepts and ideas in Donna Fox’ book “From Credit Repair to Credit Millionaire”. Some simple steps such as writing letters stating you simply do not Recall X or Y.

You can find that book, I think, on the Investor Resources area of the WCRT site.

The best resource I have found is they have pre-made letters and what steps to take all spelled out for different situations. Good Luck!

P.S. It works I recently removed 5 items from my credit from a few years!

Open lines are KING!!

Do your folks and or friends have any really good open lines HIGH LIMIT LOW BALANCE?

If so have them add you as a card holder tell them to rip up the card when it comes that you don’t want it! About 30-45 days later that line will appear on your credit!

Add about 2-5 lines you do not want to many it will screw with your D.T.I…

Send me an email and I can email you a free information guide on Building a Better Credit.



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