Importing Pre-Foreclosures Into Excel...

Is there any company that makes the list available so that you can download it and import into Excel?


The two companies I know of that publish lists are…

Lila Pecht
Flip Flop Reports


Gregg Stanley
First Position

Gregg seems to get his info out quicker and it can be worked with in Excel. Lila uses MS Works and it can be converted to Excel. However, my recollection is that neither is set up to make it easy to do automated mailings. Gregg offers labels as an additional fee which is why I assume his format is not user-friendly for mailings.


I’ve heard there’s a new company that’s creating foreclosure lists for each county in the country. Now that’s an undertaking.

I don’t know their name yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.


Where I’m at, Oregon Title not only puts the NOD information
in Excel format but also creates the labels for you too.

Now if that isn’t customer service, I don’t know what is!!!

You can also ask a title company to do it for you. Actually
you would ask them if they would be willing to help you.
(They’d be happy to if you bring at least a deal or two per month).

Or you can check out

If that’s not available where you’re at, sounds like you may
have to pay someone (data entry clerk) to do that for you.
That is if you “know” that you’ll get at least one deal from the
batch to make it worthwhile.

David G.

what state are you in?

I don’t know if data can be imported into Excel is important as “correct” data. I have tried and been told of most services out there don’t have current information. I got so fraustrated that, I decided to search myself through local papers and matching it with online county recorders database. Trying to help you save some money but if you have to do it yourself; you time is worth more than what you would pay someone else to do it for you.

Does your state have their recorded documents online? If so, just do the search there daily. Its easy.

If you already have a system for retrieving docs on line and want to automatically import them into excel you may want to check out a program like Velocityscapes Web Scraper plus…it takes some work but automates the proses.

Does anyone knows who services Northern Jersey?