i'm trying to find someone that has just abandoned their home ..any ideas?

i’m trying to find someone…they are in foreclosure and have abandoned the home…other that the electric company…are there any other ways too find them? free sites etc…please

Have you tried googling them? Put their name in quotes followed by the name of the city where they lived. That is how I track people down.

Do you have any idea how long the property has been abandoned? What I do normally is send them a letter like an offer to purchase. If they left their forwarding address, the post office will forward their mail to their current address. It’s a 50/50 try, but it’s worth the effort.

Are you looking for the people who have abandoned the property? If so, why? Just wait and make an offer to the bank. This post is pretty old I just saw…did you have any luck??

Try to zabasearch.com or for paid findtheseller.com.

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check the tax records. they might have another address or PO Box mailing addy.

What happened to the monkey? It was a monkey wasn't it?

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Have yopu talked to the neighbors to see if they know where the homeowners went? You could also offer a finders fee if you buy the house.