I'm so tired of snow...

22 inches last weekend and now more coming! I’m worried about my roof caving in. :frowning:

I hear you! That’s why I moved to southern California. We had really bad weather yesterday - it rained for a few hours. But, it recovered and the temp was over 70 today. Hang in there.

Shovel the roof off and move! The weather here this winter has been cold and a bit of snow (total all winter less than a foot)…but Denver has gotten hammered!


Right now we have a massive rain storm with lots of freezing rain overnight. Lots of downed trees, lots of power outages in the area, slick roads, lots of flooding with the few inches of falling rain and the snow melt.

What the heck are you all talking about? Today’s forecast has us challenging the all time record high of 90 degrees for this date. :cool

Fort Lauderdale got quarter size hail storm for about 15 minutes on Wed. Now that was crazy and my buddies volvo will cost $3400 to repair from the damage which his insurance does not want to pay for since it is an act of god…LOL

We are another day closer to spring! :beer

You wouldn’t know by the temps outside. It’s currently 1F with windchill -19F. I am off work for the 3rd week of this month, I hope it gets a tad warmer so I can at least tolerate going outside for more than 3 seconds without dying.

Short sleeves and flops down here in FL.

I am dreading moving to OK in 3 weeks…

Blame it on Al Gore and Global Warming! Of course, it is a very comfortable and sunny 70 degrees here in Georgia. :smile