My step-mother and I are interesed in purchasing Carleton Sheets programs but during my research I’ve found more negative comments about him then good. Is there any more than 3 people out there who has been successful???

Although I think Carelton Sheets is responsible for getting a lot of would be investors into the investing arena… his course is a lot of past tense information. I live in Califonria, I purchased his course and I can’t tell you how many times I got laughed at with the information I was using from Carelton Sheets course. One guy actually told me… You bought Carleton Sheets didn’t you?

If you buy the $9.95 course on CD you can start to learn some of the terminology, etc. but take your time, go to your library and see if they have books on real estate investing then you’ll know what you want to “major” in", foreclosures, probate sales, short sales, flipping, rehap, or a combination

Good Luck to you and your stepmother

Yeap,…I’m also a Carleton Sheets victim. Spent $300+ didn’t learn a darn thing I didn’t already know, not only that…it’s way outdated. You can find more up to date info (in detail) just by reading the forums and doing your own research. Dont waste your money on infomercials.


It is a fact that the vast majority of new businesses fail - in fact nearly 80% by most estimates. Real estate investing is a business, although many newbies don’t approach it as one. Therefore, it should not be surprising that a very high percentage of “investor” newbies fail. In fact, the vast majority of them that buy a course or two never even buy a single property. With these facts in hand, you can see why so many people feel they were victims of this guru or that. Carleton Sheets gets a lot of negative comments because he sells a lot of courses.

I started out with the Carleton Sheets course and thought it was excellent. It covers all of the basic information that you need to succeed and has a lot of excellent ideas regarding landlording. I use much of the information that I learned in the Carleton Sheets course every day!

Real estate investing is not complicated. There are not new “secrets” to learn from this guru or that guru. In fact, almost every guru teaches the same information. If someone can’t succeed with the information they receive from almost any of these gurus, they should look in the mirror to find the cause.

Good Luck,


I bought his course, pretty much been gathering dust. Since getting interested in real estate agian last year. I am planning on ast least listening to his cds and will let you know what I think

i agree with ginasands…try to do enough research to get a feel for what type of investing may interest you. Carlton’s program is really geared toward rental property…specifically how to buy them with little to no money down. it does have some good landlording tips and includes many helpful forms (which you can likely get for free elsewhere). There are many books you can pick-up for $30 or less before you invest $300+.

How did I become successful using the Carleton Sheets Program? How is it I did some of that ‘outdated’ stuff LAST YEAR!

In my experience networking with other Sheets students I found that the problem was with the person and not the program.

I have recovered over 100 times the cost of that program in 2005.


P.S. JeffInCT always jumps in when someone bashes Carleton.
I’m the Sheets guard dog. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
The man is like a God to me.

i got into realestate because of his infomercials, lol. the course taught a lot of the basics to me, cash flow analysis etc. i wouldnt recommend the coaching though, its too expensive. i think the course puts too much emphasis on using 30 year fixed mortgages, borrowing more than you need, and not enough on paying extra towards principal. other than that, i like the course.

Problem with his course is all the people on the other line helping you are not investors, they are Customer Service Reps…Not making 6figure salaries either…His course is alittle outdated and teaches the basic fundamentals that you can learn from reading books really…

The best way to is to get a local mentor in your area. Best place to find them is at the local REIA meeting, generally the club president does it…But do not get mentored by someone who is handling many students. I know the president at once club I attend sometimes, will only handle a select few students at a time and gives out all his tel# and has a beeper just for students to call. he splits all the deals taking 25% till you want to go out on your own…His fee of course 3900…but can be worth it…

i admit i was hooked by the 4th time i saw his early morning infomercial on another boring sunday morning…i bought the sheets course 1.5 yrs ago and while I was waiting for it to come, i started doing research on the WWW. i read articles, read forums, i joined these few forums, read more posts b4 i ever asked a question. it took about 2 wks for the course to get to me (apparently $25 for UPS ground shipping doesn’t gaurantee it’ll get there sooner!) but at any rate, his course did fill in a few gaps from any other info I had read. not much IMO. it was basically the same.

if u want it all laid out in front of u, spend the money for the course and wait for it to come. if u want to save the cash and do the research ur self, IMO u r not missing much by not getting the course. the gaps will be filled in as u continue to further ur studying elsewhere.

the thing i did not like the most was the vacuum effect Carleton uses, by trying to suck more cash out of me B4 i ever started the 1st course. it was on the 1st CD, where he pushes 3 other smaller, more focused courses. dunno if that is still there. and also , the other morning I was up early and flipping channels and there he was again. what left me thinking was the fact that the SAME people whom were on the infomercials 1.5 yrs ago and are featured in the course are STILL on the new infomercials. there were a few others but not many. now maybe that’s becuz these same folks are the most successful, however I would think he’d have influence to get NEW ones on there.

anyway, that is my opine, but of COURSE u need to make ur own decision. good luck whatever u do!