I'm Paying out $2,000 CASH to my Bird Dog Today

I’m paying my Bird Dog $2,000 in Cash Today

My bird dog Patrice is a single Mom, she has been driving neighborhood for over a month now and has found several hundred addresses. She confided in me that her family was giving her grief and telling her she was doing all this work for nothing and this guy was going to rip her off.
I will have her fan out the money while I snap a photo to add to my collection of other bird dogs that have also received 2 Grand.
This was a burned out house and a difficult deal, the seller was a Realtor Owner that had lived in the house growing up, She was demanding a 3K earnest deposit, a 10 day escrow and no inspection clause and she refused to allow me to assign it. She took my contract and rewrote it and butchered it all to hell. I had met her husband and when he told me his wife was a frikin Realtor, I almost let loose with a banshee yell and high tailed it out of there.
But I explained to him I’ve done a lot of deals and they usually go smooth except when a Realtor is involved.
I believe he got involved because after a week of back and forth BS she finally signed my original purchase contract. The purchase price was only $43,000 with an ARV or 120-140K but the interior was gutted and it burned the roof rafters also. It was nice cuz sellers had removed all the debris.
Another wholesaler said he had a buyer so I signed it over to him at 49K, the deal took about 3 weeks and a few days ago it finally closed.
I only made $4,000, the bird dog makes 2 and I don’t know what the other wholesaler got, but he had some partners so there were a lot of hands in this fire.
Anyways, it’s going to feel great handing this cash over to Patrice and shutting up her negative relatives.
Let’s make some Money…


I just paid out $4,000 in cash yesterday to 2 of my bird dogs, a girl named Isabelle, a cancer survivor and a girl named Valarie a 24 year old pregnant girl. And along with Patrice and the newbie investor in Maryland Shaunte I’ve paid out $9,000 this month.
They found me some sweet deals and I’ve made some serious money this month.
I also have 3 more deals in Escrow that will close next month.
Let’s Make some Money…


Way to go Rando! :beer :dance

Hi Rando, are you buying also in Minnesota? Sincerely, Bonnie