I'm new :-)

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to REIClub and just wanted to say hi! I’ve worked with several multiple investment properties, interned with realtors when I was in college and have been blogging about real estate investing for the past few months. I’m always looking to learn more and share advice whenever I can.

Looking forward to connecting! :slight_smile:

hey guys… im new from WI and am about to get a 240… ill get pictures up when i get it

I am so happy that everybody is doing well.

welcome to the forums

Welcome to the community :beer

Welcome to the community, I’m somewhat new too. I lurked for a while but just recently started actually posting.

Welcome to the community

Welcome to the community IHeartRE



Welcome! I am also relatively new here and just getting acquainted with the forums. It seems like there is a ton of valuable information here.

Welcome ! A good time to hop on forums and learn now during this weird time that we’re living in!