Im New to the buisness HELP ^_^

Good Evening everybody:

 Let me introduce my self mu name is Edgardo Matos I'm an United States Army soldier deployed in Kosovo, I am 24 years old and happily married for 2 years know  :biggrin. I've been deployed for almost two years now and during these two years I have had great and not so great experiences for example my wife and I have  purchase our new home in Texas and we are very very happy at the same time with lost few of our love ones like my grandfather and my Father in law, but what can we do life goes on. Well the reason i join this club is because i wish to be able to be financially free i wish to be able to help my family by providing everything that they need with out thinking of my bills I wish to create for my wife and I enough positive cash flow that will take those worries of bills and mortgage you all know how that goes and that is why I am turning to you my fellow real estate masters and leaders to guide me and help me achieve these goals. I have read David batch '[b][i]The automatic Millionaire[/i][/b]' and been able to save some money like he explain also [i][b]The Automatic Millionaire Home Owners edition[/b][/i] I have heard his tapes and now I'm reading [i][b]The real estate Millionaire[/b][/i] by Boaz Gilad And Suzane Gilad and it is great I'm not done with it but it has thought me so much wao , Now im doing and reaching out to get advises , guides form other realtor's investors like you all are to be able to reach this goals. It is a great business and My wife and I understand this  we are really looking forward on buying our next mortgage with the equity that  our primary home has provided and see hoe this goes..,. ^_^

Please can you advise me in what other books you I read , or videos or audios or is anybody wishes to contact me direct and lend me a hand with personal advices with any type help even motivation conversation I would greatly appreciated Again than you for taking the time to read and help me out thank You very much

Thank you


I would read all of the Rich dad poor dad books you can get your hands on.

When you finish your service with the military, join a Real Estate investors Club in the area where you live.

The people in those clubs are very helpful and can assist you with most situations. Do not try to re-invent the wheel. Odds are that someone in the club has done or is doing what you will be currently doing, so learn from them. I have found that most in the club are not out for themselves, they freely share experiences and knowledge as do the members here.

On an aside, and this is not being rude, just critical. I understand that you may have been in a hurry when you posted that message above. However, you should critique your posts before you send them as with all documents you send out for typos and grammar issues. It will give you an appearance of professionalism when you correspond with tenants, and futher sellers of the real estate you are looking to buy.

I wish you all the good fortune.
Once again, thank you for giving so much of your life to serve in the US Army.

Just keep reading and learning, read everything you can get your hands on. Best of luck to you!

I am a newbie just reading the posts. I would like to thank you for what you are doing for our country. My goal is the same as yours! I wish you great success and again, many thanks!