… :help…this is my 2nd post!!..i plan on focusing my investing in lease options and fixxer uppers…but i need help with finding wholesale deals that i can lease option and then bring in a joint venture partner to pay for rehabb and then sell the property ASAP…is that even possible?? WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST METHOD??..ALSO what would be the best way to find birddogs who can find me wholesale deals??..what would be the best way to find foreclosed homes and distressed property that i can attain using a lease option??..i am looking for a mentor that can show me the ropes in wholesaling, forclosers,fixxer uppers and lease options :biggrin…any and all input would be appreiated>>im young and ready to learn :cool

The top left of this website has a section called, Investor Information. Read as many articles, success stories and books that you can. Download free books and audios. Read as much as you can from these forums and then do the same at other websites.

Everyone who is great in their field had to learn their profession. It sounds like you want to do way too much with no education.

Learn what you can for a few months and start out as a bird dog -finding properties for other investors before progressing to the next step.

yea just wondering if anyone was into this type of real estate and what they thought about my questions and i was gunna evaluate the answers…but thanks for the info Demosl…im on it!! :cool

I can appreciate your enthusiasm and your drive to get that first deal under your belt. My adice to you is to take a deep breath. I have over 200 transactions int he last 2 years and have trouble following exactly what you want to concentrate on. My advice is to simplify. Find the easiest and lowest-risk way to get the first deal (or 10) completed. Most first time investors rush in. They end up loosing money. Then they tell everyone they know that its impossible to make money in real estate and that its a fools dream.

When I got started, I rushed in and lost money. It’s common. Take it slow and don’t quit.

More directly to your questions . . . if you want to get into lease/purchase deals,make sure you have a good real estate INVESTING attorney and great contracts. It can be complicated and there are a number of pit falls.

Good luck.