I'm need advice, just getting started

Hello to everyone,
I have been on your website many times and find it very helpful. I am new at the real estate investing venture. I have looked at a lot of houses, made some offers, but no one seems to be interested in what I am offering. Are there some sure fire techniques for figuring an offer?
I am interested in buy, fix, and sell. What about wholesale? I am not that familiar with it and find it somewhat intimidating? How many people go outside of their town to do real estate? I am in Waco, TX. The market seems to be for sellers here.

Are there any thoughts about Russ Whitney and his course? I have seen a lot of info on Carlton Sheets, etc.

Any comments are greatfully appreciated.
Thanks a million-


The only sure-fire techniques I know come from the street. In other words, getting out there and doing it, plugging along, and learning as you go.

Wholesaling, done correctly, is a pretty low risk way to enter the biz and is frequently what is recommended to folks starting out. What exactly is intimidating about it?

From rumors I hear, Waco is actually a decent market to be working. The market’s never going to be “Goldilocks just right”. If you can adapt and learn to work in seller markets, buyer markets, declining markets, appreciating markets, etc., you’ll be set. Of course, I’m still working on this myself.

I only have books by Whitney so can’t comment on his course. Carleton’s is a good overall view of some of the basic techniques, but I wouldn’t recommend using his forms.



I’m new at this as well and we’re going to be looking in the Waco area since two of us went to school at Baylor. I think the Baylor area may have some potential if you’re looking to rent out the properties.

There are also some really cheap houses in South Waco - could be in a bad part of town though. I went to www.realtor.com to start my search and will probably be coming to Waco in a few weeks to look near campus. Condos do seem to be a seller’s market in the sense that it’s hard to get them to cash flow for the price the sellers are asking. I dunno, we’re thinking about rehabbing an older home close to campus if we can find one. Then we’ll try to rent it out.

Campus Realtors may have come leads, as well as K&S Properties. Let me know how you do or what you find!!