I'm Looking For Hard Money / Asset Lending


I am trying to build up my rental portfolio by purchasing multi units and apartment
buildings. But also interested in fix and flips.

What I need is a hard money / asset based lender who is concerned with the
numbers of the deal and the property not my personal information like credit
or income.

Also looking for equity partners or joint ventures. Willing to split profits with
whoever.I’m just eager to get started already.

Please let me know.


On the menu to the left is a item called Hard Money Lenders. That’s the probably the first place to go.

In this lending environment without already having a real estate portfolio and established reputation, the HML is going to look at you income and credit. It’s part of the new SAFE Act. Get used to the fact that it’s harder to get loans on the value of the property versus the value of the lendee.

Becareful on the way you approach things:

That loose jump in to the deep end without looking for rocks below is gonna get you hurt.