I'm Looking For A Tax Lien Mentor

Hi everybody. This is my first post. I am looking for someone successfully investing in tax liens now who would be willing to share some of what they have learned with me. I have already spent $2k for a course - it has good information but not enough nuts and bolts. I have all the contact information - I would be willing to share it if somebody would be willing to share with me what they are doing with tax liens.

I have some money in a Roth IRA and would like to invest it in some liens - is that possible?

Thanks for your help!


Well honestly if you have money in a Roth than I suggest you invest in actual property. Liens although not a bad investment won’t yield you huge returns like an actual property can.

I suggest finding a niche you are comfortable in like rehabbing,wholesaling,short sales,etc and go from there.

Yes, you can use your IRA to buy Tax Liens. Depending on the state you buy them in, tax liens can be VERY lucrative.

They are very secure and safe relative to any other investment, too.

Hi, I think I may be too late to help…Have you found someone to help you?..If not, I am willing to answer all of your questions and also help point you in the right direction…do my best to help steer you clear of mistakes and pitfalls…Hope to hear from you.

Good Luck!

My recommendation is Scott Gonyeo of http://www.mentoringtree.com. He has a unique approach in his classes of actually leading people through the entire process in real life, from start to finish. Plus he has a class coming up shortly, I believe: see http://bit.ly/doGtke. Certainly the best tax sales mentor/investor I know.