I'm just getting started

ok guys
I am just getting started in REI. And my credit is fair.

what are some good lenders that focus on the property more than personal credit. please help :cry:

You didn’t mention how much cash you have. if it’s not much forget about rehabbing. Wholesale instead. If you are new don’t rehab. Just wholesale.


any recommended literature for wholesale? thank you EquityHunter for the advice i have to look into that.

I would suggest a few things

  1. You do need some money for rehabbing, but look into some HMLs
  2. For Wholesaling, there are tons of books out there, but the best is to go to a local RE Club and find local buyers. They will tell you what they are looking for and you can go get it for them.
  3. WORK ON YOUR CREDIT!! Get with a mtg broker/banker that has experience in improving credit. I was lucky to find an investor that is a mtg broker that had his identity stolen a few years back. So he knows investing and how to rebuild credit.
  4. Look into building business credit. You can find some help at http://www.creditboards.com

thank you 4R I will look into that.