I'm in the club

I’ve got my first one under my belt. I had a tenet not pay July rent, they tried to tell me that they would pay on the 15th. So after a 3 day notice they moved out. Thank goodness. I’ll have about 1,000 in damage but the deposit will cover in no problem.
First one down many to go. I hope they all move this easy.

So after a 3 day notice they moved out.

I’d like to have just ONE go that smoothly. Almost everyone I evict goes through the entire court process (about 5 weeks including the setout).

Good Luck.


If this makes you fell any better it did take her 4 days to move out. I did not push her seeing that she was making good progress.

how much was the deposit?!

I got 3K the rent is 1300.

That’s pretty impressive. I’m surprised someone would foot that kind of cash to get into a place.

That was correctly done.

For any newbie reading, start your notices immediatley when they don’t pay.

Never allow a tenant to pay you with promises instead of money. Many tenants wil try to stall the landlord off for the last month before they move. If they can put you off with promises to pay “next friday” they can get a free month before they walk out the door.

Also, tenants who have done extensive damage know thye aren’t going to get thier deposit back, so they will try to live out thier deposit.

I was a fool to rent to them in the first place. The had horrible credit but I let the fact that he was getting out of the Air Force play a role but told them I needed a larger deposit. So his parents paid the deposit and first months rent. Normal deposit is 1500. I glad that I got it the repair and lost rent will come out close to 3K. I’ll not let my self be perswaded again.

I know what you mean. We had someone call the other night at 11pm asking about our vacant apartment. Could barely understand the guy because he was so drunk. Someone else left a call back number that was disconnected. Our place will sit vacant before we put the wrong people in there.

Excellent job. One thing that I have found is that a person is not who they say they are they are what they do. People don’t change. They don’t start kicking holes in walls when they move into your place…they were kicking holes in the walls all along. If they don’t pay their bills they are not going to start paying because they move into your place. That is why background searches are so important.