I'm in Phoenix and I know the market is white hot...

Is there a local REI club here? is there anyone reading this from the Phoenix valley? I want to start investing right away and I know where to find the financing, I am a loan officer. I want to flip 2 properties this summer and invest in some rental properties before fall. where can I find foreclosures? Are foreclosures the best thing for me?


Hi Charles,

I’m also in Phoenix (east valley) and just getting started in REI. Been wanting to get my feet wet in this business for many years and think I’m about ready to jump off the fence and go for it.

I’m going to start attending meetings sponsored by AZPIG and you can check them out here http://www.azpig.com

So Charles, now you know another person wanting to flip properties (and move up from there), and now I know a local loan officer.

Networking is key, I think.


I’m an Associate Broker & Certified Appraiser, and as such…I get bi-monthly “pre-foreclosure” lists emailed to me on a regular basis from Title Companies…recommend you start there.

Tell your local Title Companies of your affiliation & ask if they have a similar product.

Hi, I am also a loan officer and an investor in the Phoenix area and there are alot of great resources. Try The Personal Real Estate Investor www.prepmag.com and AZREIA www.azreia.org. Also Net Value Central for preforclosure listings sent to you via e-mail daily. You will be notified before the homeowner is notified. The service costs a little bit of money but it is worth being the first one in the door. Hope this helps.

I am interested in investing, but have no financing.

The market here im Orange County is pretty crazy too. I am looking for some help, in getting fionancing. i hhad a messy divorce, and work in technology, so I have had a double-whammy, and my credit is all screwed up.
Personally, I am very interested in lease options.
I have friends who have resources, but they just don’t get how much money might be availble.

I get lists of pre foreclosures emailed to me every month. I work as a independent contractor. I locate and analize these homes and if the owners want to sell I hand it over to the investors to take it from there. I was woundering if anyone out there knows if there are lists of houses in probate. I am also in Phoenix.

I’m glad to know there’s so much going on in Arizona. What I wonder is, are all you folks just dealing with property in Phoenix? I’m on the Colorado river and looking to network as well, bird dogging or assigning being the preferred way to go. Transportation problems make it impossible to get to Phoenix right now, so I have a little trouble meeting everyone I need to meet.

How can you be a contractor and get lists of pre-foreclosures?? Don’t you have to be a broker or banker or lawyer or something of the sort? How can I get this list? Where is this list?