Im in need of a bird dog.

Im a real estate investor. Im in need of a bird dog who will find me investment properties under market value. Please help me get the right bird dog and help my business.


Is this a lobster fishing bird dog from Maine? A fountain of youth bird dog from Florida? A loving bird dog from Virginia? A cowboy bird dog from Texas? A granite face bird dog from South Dakota? A singing bird dog from Tennessee? A skiing bird dog from Colorado? A hula dancing bird dog from Hawaii? A lumber jack bird dog from Washington? A surfing bird dog from California? or A gold mining bird dog from Alaska?

Regardless of where your bird dog is or where your bird dog is from try to find motivated people who understand the basics of what you looking for in real estate, teach each of them about what you want and the parameters of your search.

Figure out what you would like to pay? Is it a percentage of each property you sell? Is it a flat rate amount regardless of value? Is it a set amount per lead regardless of whether you buy it or not? I suggest flat fee or percentage of only those sold!

What data would you like your bird dog to provide each time they bring you a property?

I used to try to take care of my bird dogs so I would take them out for lunch every few months so I could share my appreciation for their hard work. This allows us to make little changes if necessary and to catch up with status and any idea’s for expansion.

Sometimes I would take my bird dogs out hunting with me so they have more of a chance to see and understand what I am looking for!


These are the possible ways on how to find real estate Bird dogs.

  1. Network at your Local Real Estate Investor Association meetings.
  2. Use online ads such as Craigslist
  3. Ask your family friends, and neighbors