Im having trouble getting a hard money loan.

A few months ago i contacted a hard money lender. i was approved for 250k, but i need to clear up my inquires on my credit reports and also submit a business letter. I have already submitted a business letter a few days ago and my inquires are going away slowing I’m down to at least half of where I was a few month ago when i applied. I am still working on removing them. In addition I have zero negatives on my credit reports. I also have a question for anyone to answer. Is it possible to get a hard money loan and get the real estate financed by using some of the hard money loan as a down payment and some of the money to invest into the property? Im new and I’m just getting started. I have an associates degree in carpentry, studied real estate law, currently an electrician, and also attending business school.


Do not mean to be negative or harsh.

However your post sounds to me like you want to get started in real estate with no money invested and no risk on your part.

What is the incentive for a hard money or regular lender to put thier $$$ into the deal, take all the risk and you get all the reward?

I, personally, know of NO lenders willing to do that.

As an electrician, would you pay for all the materials, wire a structure, turn it on, check it ous, and give it to someone else to maybe make a go of it and pay you later?