im having trouble finding street # to add.

i need some help im having trouble finding a street # to an address , its a vacant single family home, the house on the left is 4117 and the house on the right is 4111 so there is about six numbers in between , but 4114 is across the street, DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO FIND A STREET# PLEASE HELP ME!!! or

Put in a close address, then click on the house you’re looking for. It will tell you the address.

i tried already with a county website and the closes address dont come up , but i do have another question, if the property has been boarded up for about 7 years is it still an address or does it erase after a long period of time??

LOL. No, just because it’s vacant, doesn’t mean it ceases to exist. Often times if property taxes haven’t been paid in a while the counties records will forget to update the property. This is probably something you’ll have to go to the court house about and don’t leave until you get an answer. You might find out that the county owns the property or can easily take ownership from their unpaid tax liens. You’ll have to put some pressure on the county to get anywhere though.

Address numbers can be very strange. You can find out the system the county uses from someone in the court house usually. I’ve seen neighborhood where the last 3 digits of the house number are the number of feet between driveways. Some have no pattern at all.

I bet the property your looking at is either 4113 or 4115.

thanks , i will try to go to the court house soon as i get a chance, im still trying to do my first wholesale here…