Im having a hard time getting my rehabs rented

Im having a hard time getting my rehabs rented any suggestions?

Have you considered using a Property Manager? There’s another thread here where the pro’s and con’s are discussed. Personally, I’m in favor of using them. Consider ‘Section 8’ renters as an option… gov’t subsidized rent program.

If you’re against using a PM, what sort of advertising are you currently doing to rent out the place? Is the rent competitive or at least comparable to what’s the norm for that area?

There is only one reason that properties don’t rent, that is the rent is too high for what you get in that area. Look at the rental comps in the area and make sure you are asking market rents.

How are you advertising?

Are you showing the place and just not selling it?

How is your rate compared to similar size in area?

What does your rental have to offer compared to other rentals in the area? (laundry, parking, utilities)

How is the market…saturated with vacant units?

Are other rentals offering first month free or other move-in specials?

Your answer to all of these questions have an impact on why its not renting. There are solutions for everything mentioned above. Fill us in…